Learning & Resources

There are many amazing resources available to help you along while you are studying Japanese!

Learning Hiragana:

Japanese uses three writing systems…. yes three! The best one to start learning first is hiragana as this will help you read basic Japanese resources. Hiragana is known as a ‘phonetic alphabet’ and is actually very logical and simple to learn! The amazing technique in the link below can help you learn the entire hiragana alphabet very quickly and in some cases even within the space of one day!

Click here to start learning Hiragana!

Learning Katakana:

The second writing system you should attempt to learn is called katakana. Katakana basically has all the same sounds as hiragana but is used for words that did not originate from Japan (for example: food items, country names, company names & likely your name!) The Japanese alphabet doesn’t have as much flexibility as some foreign languages so sometimes the words with vary slightly.

Click here to start learning Katakana!