About Us

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to learn Japanese. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced student… we are here to help you achieve success!

Our friendly teacher has six years of experience teaching Japanese around the world in Australia, New Zealand and South America. He is fluent in both Japanese & English so if you don’t know any Japanese there is no reason to worry. Please note that in Japan there are different dialects of Japanese. Our teacher speaks one of the most common & understood dialects from the Kansai region.

If you already speak Japanese and would just like some practice brushing up on your skills feel free to book into one of our free talk conversation lessons!

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Meet our friendly teacher, Shota…


Student feedback:

“Shota Sensei is very very fun, friendly and supportive. I felt so comfortable talking with him and really look forward to learning with him in a very long time. Gambate Sensei!” – Vi, Vietnam

“Really friendly and easy to get along with would very much recommend him” – Glyn, U.K.

“I’ve been taking weekly lessons with Shota and he encourages me to speak a lot in my lessons. I have seen such a great improvement in my Japanese since I started. Thanks Shota for always being so friendly and patient!” – Karina, U.S.A